How we work

How we work

We understand it is a privilege to be invited into your home to spend time with your family. Therefore we take great care in treating all of our families with the upmost respect and sensitivity. We enter your home with awareness. Free of judgement. Your home is your castle and we will treat it as such. Our team are fully insured and hold current working with children checks. Our WWC cards can be provided for viewing upon request.


We are filmmakers (and parents), with a big love of story and the moving image. We’re passionate about using our production expertise to provide your family with a beautiful, unique ‘moving time-capsule’ capturing the spirit of your little people. A window into their world. (And if we can make you cry? Well then, our work is done!).


We contact you ahead of time to organise a suitable day and time to film. Depending on their age we will ask you to give some thought to what your child is interested in. What do they like? Do they have a favourite toy? Play an instrument? A pet they adore? Thinking about these allows us to get to know your child a little and means that we have conversation topics to engage them on when we arrive.

If we are filming your baby, you may want a film in the style of what we call a ‘love letter’. Write something to your child. Maybe it contains observations, the things you’re learning, some advice for the future or anything really. It must fit the length of your film! We will record your voice over reading this letter and then overlay that with the film we capture on the day. And don’t worry – you won’t need to memorise it!


We shoot in your home, where your child is most comfortable and natural. You can expect either Rohan or Gerlee to work with your child/children. We use a small, unobtrusive camera and available natural light. We capture your child at play and in conversation sharing the things that matter to them. Or we capture beautiful moving images if they’re not yet talking!


It usually takes us 6 weeks to prepare a draft edit of your film. We will upload your film to a private link on our vimeo channel for you to review before preparing the final cut. Once approved, the finished film will be sent to you digitally. If you need your film sooner, there is also the option for a 5 day priority delivery.